The 7 Most Famous Eagles Fans

No one has ever said being an Eagles fan was easy, but this season they're being rewarded for their loyalty. With their third shot at a Lombardi trophy, the Eagles will face the Patriots in a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX.

The Eagles boast one of the largest fan bases in the NFL and some of the most famous fans around the country. From an A-list actor to an MVP, these seven Eagles fans are the most recognizable.

These seven fans were ranked based on a combination of their fandom and status.

7. Comedian Kevin Hart

The Philadelphian comedian is very outspoken about his Eagles. Hart even stated that his Eagles would win the Super Bowl 83-6. With that score, Eagles would eclipse the San Francisco 49ers and their 55-10 thrashing of the Broncos, as the most lopsided Super Bowl in NFL history.

6. Actor Will Smith

The Fresh Prince never forgot about his West Philadelphia roots. After the Eagles clinched the NFC Championship, Smith created a poem for the team, "Dear Philadelphia Eagles, Roses are red, Violets are blue, I think it's time for a Super Bowl title, What about you?"

5. Vice President Joe Biden

One of the most powerful men in the world, Biden has been seen attending Eagles games for years with his wife, Jill. Biden is from Scranton, Pennsylvania (2.5 hours north of Philadelphia), while his wife is a Philly girl, so naturally they are both Eagles fans.

4. Actor Sylvester Stallone

No one represents the Eagles new underdog mentality better than Rocky Balboa himself. Stallone has been an Eagles fan since he was 15 and he grew up watching his favorite player RB Timmy Brown's breakaway speed in the '60s. The Eagles are underdogs in the Super Bowl, but they have the ultimate underdog in their corner.

3. NBA All Star Kobe Bryant

One of the greatest basketball players of all time, Bryant was very active in his support of this year's Eagles team. During the season, Bryant sent time with them in Southern California, giving them inspiration to continue their quest to their first Super Bowl.

2. MLB MVP Mike Trout

The Angels center fielder is well on his way to a plaque in Cooperstown, New York, but recently, he's been in the spotlight for his Eagle fandom. Trout is actually a season ticket holder and is always in the front row high-fiving players. How many times have you heard of a baseball team having a press conference about a players availability to talk about their favorite nfl team? Yeah, not many.

1. Actor Bradley Cooper

Cooper embraced his fandom by playing an avid Eagles fan in his hit movie, Silver Lining Playbook. He has been seen watching the game in owner Jeffrey Lurie's suite, and even hanging out with the Eagles' mascot Swoop. Cooper is so dedicated to his team, that when he was a kid, his family moved the television into the kitchen to watch Super Bowl XV while eating dinner. So who knows if he will be at the Super Bowl, but if you think he isn't a die-hard Eagles fan, think again.

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