THD & NFL Neighborhood MVP Program

In 2007, The Home Depot and the NFL partnered together to create 'The Home Depot NFL Neighborhood MVP' program to recognize NFL players who are making a positive impact in their local communities through charitable programs and contributions. In its inaugural year, The Home Depot Neighborhood MVP Program impacted the lives of 139,000 families and children through 17 different building projects across the country including 13 field refurbishments, three playground builds and a community center improvement project. Warrick Dunn was selected as the inaugural winner of 'The Home Depot NFL Neighborhood MVP' award and was honored at a press conference at Super Bowl XLII.

This fall, the program is entering its second year and will again recognize players from different NFL markets who stand out from their peers through their dedication to community service, commitment of both time and dollars to local charities and an overall desire to improve the lives of people less fortunate than themselves.

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2007 Home Depot Neighborhood MVP

A total of 17 players, one for each week of the regular season, have been selected to be a part of The Home Depot Neighborhood MVP Program. Each of the 17 players selected will work with representatives from KaBOOM!, a national nonprofit organization that envisions a great place to play within walking distance of every child in America, and volunteers from The Home Depot to complete refurbishment projects in their local community. Each player will receive a playground build in their honor and a donation to the charity of their choice.

A Blue Ribbon Panel has been established to help narrow down the 17 local market winners to eight finalists for The Home Depot NFL Neighborhood MVP Award. The Blue Ribbon Panel will consist of NFL alumni players, executives from The Home Depot, the NFL and the NFL Players Association as well as Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy. The panel will evaluate each player's community involvement and select the eight players who they believe are making the greatest impact in their communities.

The Home Depot will conduct a refurbishment project in Tampa, FL during the week leading up to Super Bowl XLIII to honor the eight players selected as finalists for the award. From the eight finalists, one player will be honored as 'The Home Depot Neighborhood MVP'. The Neighborhood MVP will be chosen by NFL fans via an online vote at The Home Depot's NFL microsite for the player they feel is most deserving of the award. The winner will be announced in a press conference live from the Tampa, FL refurbishment project.

An extension of this program is The Home Depot Consumer All-Star Program and The Home Depot Associate MVP Program. These awards recognize one consumer and one Home Depot employee who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in community service and who have devoted their time and efforts to make long-lasting contributions to their local communities. The Home Depot will partner with United Way in selecting the Consumer All-Star while The Home Depot stores will nominate their associates for Associate MVP award. This year's winners will be recognized in Tampa, FL during the week leading up to Super Bowl XLIII.

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