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That Helps No One Week 12: No Bailey-ing us out

On any given NFL weekend, many different players score touchdowns. Most of them are frequently started on fantasy football rosters. But others come out of nowhere to vulture touchdowns or beat a third-string cornerback repeatedly for a career-day. In fantasy, these are our That Helps No One champions. The players whose success leads to the imminent demise of countless fantasy teams. All season long, we'll be tracking and crowning a That Helps No One winner each week on NFL Fantasy LIVE. Below are the top candidates for Week 12.

Typically, each "That Helps No One" candidate gets his own section in this piece, but since there was so many irrelevant fantasy plays in this game, I felt it fitting to combine them all into one. First, we were treated to the plodding Shonn Greene touchdown to the right. Talk about an exciting play! Then, there was the Mark Sanchez14-yard touchdown pass to James Casey, annoying all Jeremy Maclin and Jordan Matthews owners. After that we got to see Dexter McCluster take a shovel pass from Zach Mettenberger to the house. Man, I don't know if I'm more exhausted or enraged after recapping all of those useless fantasy touchdowns. I'll go with engraged ... and no it's not a case of the Mondays.

This was one of the zaniest and funniest touchdowns of Week 12. Aaron Rodgers ran right on a designed roll out, but no one was open. With pressure bearing down on him, he spots his rookie tight end Richard Rodgers (no relation) wide open -- and I mean WIDE OPEN -- in the opposite corner of the end zone. Rodgers makes a ridiculous throw completely across his body that floats right into the waiting arms of his tight end. The play was great and all, Aaron, but couldn't you have flipped it to Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb instead?

After battling back from a shoulder injury, Lamar Miller looked great on the Dolphins' opening drive against the Broncos, rushing twice for 27 yards to help push Miami into scoring range. So how did the Dolphins reward his grit, determination and effort? They give the ball to Daniel Thomas not once, but twice inside the 10-yard line. And of course, Thomas managed to wiggle his way into the end zone to sour the afternoon of any fantasy owner with a Dolphin on their roster. Well, unless of course that Dolphin was Jarvis Landry, who caught two touchdowns later in the game.

One week after Kenny Britt became a moderately hot name on the waiver wire, Shaun Hill saw fit to look elsewhere in the passing game. First, he hit Stedman Bailey on this insane touchdown catch that was sadly nullified by a penalty. Whew. OK Shaun, how you'll throw it to Britt, right? Or maybe Tre Mason, your talented rookie running back who was rostered and started in countless fantasy leagues? Nope. You go right back to Bailey (as you can see in the video to the right). I mean, I get it, giving a score back to the guy who unjustly had one taken away, cool. But by helping your wide receiver out, you hurt thousands of fantasy owners across the country in the process. Shame on you.

My roster was so depleted due to injuries in one league last year, that there were actual weeks where I was starting Jacquizz Rodgers as my RB2 and banking on cheap touchdowns like this one. Needless to say, that season for me didn't go so well. Which is why it's no surprise that Rodgers' touchdown catch lands him as a "That Helps No One" candidate for Week 12, because he helped no one in fantasy other than those players with sad enough rosters who were forced to start the Oregon State product, and Matt Ryan owners I guess.

So who do you think should take home the Week 12 #ThatHelpsNoOne crown? Weigh in on Twitter with #ThatHelpsNoOne and be sure to tune in to NFL Fantasy LIVE (weekdays at 5 p.m. ET on NFL Network) to see who is crowned the Week 12 winner!

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