Thanksgiving night game sets two ratings records

Har-Bowl proved to be a big hit.

The Thanksgiving night game between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens in which John and Jim Harbaugh became the first brothers to face off as opposing NFL coaches was the most-watched program in the eight-year history of NFL Network and the most-watched cable program ever on the holiday.

The game was watched by an average of 10.7 million cable viewers (not including over-the-air stations in San Francisco and Baltimore), surpassing a 2009 game that drew 10.5 million viewers between the Dallas Cowboys and unbeaten New Orleans Saints.

The game topped last year's Cincinnati Bengals-New York Jets game, which drew 7.1 million viewers, as the most-watched cable program on Thanksgiving.

Thursday Night Football continues next week with the Philadelphia Eagles playing the Seattle Seahawks.

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