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Texas A&M's Cedric Ogbuehi plans to return for senior season

Texas A&M right tackle Cedric Ogbuehi has seen first hand the value in moving from right tackle to left tackle, having witnessed teammate Jake Matthews position himself to be a high NFL draft pick in making that move this season.

And lucky for the Aggies, he apparently wants that value for himself.

According to, Ogbuehi told 12th Man Magazine he will return to Texas A&M for his senior year, and a chance to make the same move Matthews did, rather than turning pro early.

"I plan to come back next season and make the move to left tackle for my senior year," Ogbuehi said. "That's my future position, so I want to do like Jake did and come back and play left tackle. I'd love to be a part of something like what Luke did and what Jake has a chance to do."

Ogbuehi, a starting guard for last year's Aggies team, has been impressive in his move from the interior to the edge this year. But the left edge, he knows, is more of a challenge than the right edge. And another year to make that adjustment can only help his draft stock.

"I would like to go as high as possible (in the draft). That would be a great thing for A&M and the future recruiting, too. It would show all the young linemen out there what can happen if you come to Texas A&M," he added.

Ogbuehi, of course, has about three months to change his mind, as underclassmen don't face the deadline to declare for the draft until mid-January. But for now, it certainly sounds as though the NFL will see Ogbuehi for a year at left tackle befor it sees him as a rookie.

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