Texans WR Johnson hopes to play in 2 weeks after surgery

Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson said Friday that he expects to be out a couple of weeks after having a minor procedure to repair a right hamstring injury.

"If I had to pick a date, I'd say two weeks," Johnson said. "You can't really put a timetable on it, but that's my gut feeling based on how I feel right now."

Johnson said he's scheduled to have the stitches from two incisions removed early next week. He said his doctor told him that he can "go all out" after they are removed.

"The only part that bothers me a little is where the stitches are," Johnson said. "Once I get them out and the cut's closed up, I'll be ready to go."

Johnson, a five-time Pro Bowl selection, said he has felt great since Tuesday's procedure and described himself as a fast healer.

"Of all the procedures I've had done, this is the best I've felt after it," Johnson said. "I'm pretty confident about this one. I'm pretty pumped."

Johnson was injured during last Sunday's victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, when he fell to the ground without being touched after catching a pass in the second quarter. He isn't walking with any sort of a limp, a fact that has caused several coaches to comment on the "pep in his step" this week. Johnson said an old injury led to a "pretty big lump" of scar tissue that had been causing pain behind his knee off and on for some time.

Johnson has 25 catches for 352 yards this season to lead the team. Jacoby Jones will fill in for Johnson this week, and the Texans also can go to tight end Owen Daniels, who has 14 receptions for 182 yards and three scores.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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