Texans QB Schaub organizes team workouts at Rice University

Monday should have been the first day of official offseason workouts for NFL clubs. But the lockout has changed players' routines, and the Houston Texans opted to organize their own workout at Rice University, according to the *Houston Chronicle*.

Quarterback Matt Schaub is leading the team's preparation for the upcoming season, whether or not it starts on time.

"We decided to get together as a group," Schaub told the newspaper. "Just trying to stay up with the program, run and throw and just continue working out."

Schaub said he worked out Monday morning with about two dozen of his teammates, including wide receiver Kevin Walter.

"You still have to go about your business and prepare for the season," Walter said. "Once we get something done with the league, hopefully sooner than later, we all have to be ready and in shape."

Schaub said the team's workouts will give the Texans a chance to bond and build the chemistry needed to take them into the season, whenever it starts.

"It's going to be that team that really hangs together that's going to have the head start," he said.

Lost practice time isn't the only thing on players' minds. The cost of the lockout in terms of lost wages also has some players anxious.

"Yeah you worry about it because it's your livelihood," said backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky. "It's your job... I think that the PA did a good job of preparing us mentally and giving us a plan for how to handle this. We have to go out and execute it over the next few months. Hopefully they figure things out and take care of it and get it done."

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