Texans QB coaches: Tom Savage has 'grown a lot'

Texans quarterback Tom Savage has the unenviable task of being the guy this spring and summer while simultaneously fending off a first-round pick in Deshaun Watson, for whom the organization traded up in the draft.

The good news for Savage is that his coaches seem to notice.

"He's just come in with a very down-to-earth work ethic with it," Sean Ryan, the team's quarterbacks coach, told the Texans' official site. "If he's thought about it a lot, it hasn't come through to me, in terms of what his role will be or how it's changed from a year ago."

Added Pat O'Hara, a Texans offensive assistant: "Yeah, he has grown a lot. He's been through a lot, not just the injuries, but he's seen a lot of quarterbacks come and go here. The thing that really is positive for him is that this is his fourth season, and in college he was with three different teams, three different systems, maybe more, maybe different coordinators."

The Texans, like the Bears, have the most interesting quarterback situations this summer. Unlike the Chiefs, who have at least a year-long succession plan they'd like to follow, the result of this competition will come down to whatever happens in late July and August. In both cases, the coaching staff would love the veteran to put them in a position of strength and not force the team to bend and play their rookies.

Savage, though, is unique in that he's playing on a playoff-ready roster. At one point last season, he was viewed more favorably than the entrenched starter who put the Texans in a spot to reach the postseason. If he's grown a lot since, is there a chance he could keep Watson off the field all year?

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