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Texans owner on Osweiler: 'He's still basically a rookie'

If you are a big fan of QB Wins as a decisive statistic, Brock Osweiler is your type of quarterback.

The Houston Texans passer moved to 5-3 on the year with Sunday's victory over the hapless, injured Detroit Lions. In 15 career starts, Osweiler is 10-5, despite completing 60.3 percent of his passes for 6.4 yards per attempt.

After Sunday's win, owner Bob McNair defended his $72 million quarterback's progress, noting that Osweiler hasn't started the equivalent of a full season.

"He's still basically a rookie," McNair said, via the Houston Chronicle. "He's going to make some mistakes, but he shows that he has the talent, he has the ability and has the leadership that the team has confidence in him."

It's fair to note that Osweiler has just 15 starts, but he's been on an NFL team since 2012. After five years, the deer-in-headlights plays should be fewer and less egregious. Instead, Osweiler seems to display shakiness at least once a drive.

In Sunday's victory over Detroit, Osweiler threw for only 186 yards, one touchdown, and his ninth interception of the season for a passer rating of 83.4. This was a Lions defense that entered the game allowing a passer rating of 117.3, on pace for the worst in NFL history, and allowed 74.2 percent of passes to be completed. It was a Lions defense missing its No. 1 cornerback, Darius Slay, and without its top defensive tackle and linebacker.

Three weeks ago an actual rookie, Carson Wentz, put up 238 yards on 75.8 percent passing, 7.2 average yards per pass, two TDs, one INT for a 102.8 passer rating against Detroit (Slay played in that game).

Osweiler couldn't take advantage of the ineptest pass defense in the NFL.

"I thought Brock had a much improved game," McNair said. "I think there was a little miscommunication on that one interception. I don't put that all on him. That was both of them. He made a lot of good throws I think he's going to continue to get better."

McNair's defense of his quarterback is understandable, given that he signed off on giving Osweiler $37 million guaranteed. It's also fair to note that the book isn't written on the 25-year-old's future. But on a day set up for him to burst out, Osweiler was pedestrian. Even a rookie could have been better.

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