Texans owner Bob McNair: 'We're tied for first'

The Houston Texans have had no shortage of drama during the first half of the season. Despite falling short of offseason expectations, Texans owner Bob McNair remains optimistic about where the team stands.

"We knew our offense was not going to be a high-powered offense, but we felt our defense would be one of the top-five defenses, and we've been far from that," McNair said in an interview with KRIV and the Houston Chronicle (via ESPN). "The good news is that this is a new season, and we're tied for first. The Colts have to play Denver next week, and we might be in first place by ourselves."

The Texans, who are 3-5 this season, suffered losses to the Chiefs, Panthers, Falcons, Colts and Dolphins. Against the Dolphins, they trailed by as many as 40 points. McNair called the team's performance "pathetic."

"Miserable," McNair said of the Dolphins game. "Everybody was (embarrassed). It was pathetic. We can't have that sort of thing. Yeah, I was mad. I was unhappy. We didn't put out the effort we should have. Everybody recognized it, and next game they turned it around."

The Texans defeated the Tennessee Titans20-6 last week, putting them half a game back behind Indianapolis. The Colts' loss to the Panthers on Monday night, put Houston and Indianapolis in a first-place tie in the AFC South. McNair hopes the squad will build upon the Week 8 victory after the much-needed bye week.

"I think they've got it together in the last game, and if we keep playing defense the way we did in that last game, we'll give everybody a hard time," McNair said. "And that's where we want to be."

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