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Texans' McNair on Peyton Manning: 'I hope he's healthy'

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair understands why so many people believe his team is the logical new home for Peyton Manning.

The Texans should enter the 2012 season on the short list of Super Bowl contenders, boasting a top-tier defense, a healthy Andre Johnson and having already advanced to the AFC divisional round with rookie quarterback T.J. Yates subbing in for an injured Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart.

McNair, however, isn't preoccupied with the quarterback position, but focused on re-signing outside linebacker Mario Williams, who will become an unrestricted free agent unless he can reach a last-minute deal with the Texans. Otherwise, Williams would probably become the most coveted defensive player on the market.

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As for the Manning derby, the Texans are perfectly content with their current starter whom they feel can lead them to Super Bowl glory: Schaub.

"If there were an ideal club for him to be with, if it was just his decision alone, it would be the Texans because that gives him the best chance to win and that's really what he's looking for," McNair said Tuesday during a radio interview with KILT-AM. "But, we have a quarterback that we're happy with. Now the teams that he's talking to are the teams that don't have a quarterback and they're taking the risk of bringing a player in that they haven't even worked out."

One of the teams Manning has been linked to is the Tennessee Titans. If Manning ends up back in the AFC South, McNair later said during a news conference that he wouldn't be concerned about facing the four-time MVP twice a year again.

"It really doesn't matter," McNair laughed. "We beat him when he was healthy and we'll do it again."

"I hope he's healthy," McNair added. "I hope he plays because he's a great asset to the league."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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