Terrelle Pryor: 'I can do things other people can't'

Terrelle Pryor's progress this season has been one of the most entertaining storylines to follow.

He has almost single-handedly transformed the Oakland Raiders from a 2014 NFL Draft quarterback-lottery team into one that is intriguing to watch every week.

Yet, Pryor, who spent his bye week working on his footwork and mechanics, knows he needs to improve to show he can be the Raiders' quarterback of the future.

"There have been big improvements; I'm proud of my work," he told NFL Media's Albert Breer earlier this week. "And I have confidence that if I continue to work hard, I'm gonna get where I wanna be -- and I wanna be one of the best. ... I know I can do things other people can't."

He's got that last part right. His athleticism is breathtaking.

Unfortunately, his mechanics have also left evaluators gagging.

Pryor told Breer that he's built a library of cut-ups of Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and has tried to implement elements of their footwork into his game.

It's refreshing to hear a talented player -- who has made it this far mainly on his athleticism -- acknowledge he's got a ways to go before he's actually arrived.

"I see myself as a starter in the league, leading a team and having a lot of success doing it," he said. "What's important is that we keep moving forward."

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