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Terrelle Pryor guarantees passing game will pick up

Terrelle Pryor's first two weeks in a Redskins uniform haven't been the most productive.

The former Browns receiver and Raiders quarterback was targeted just four times in Washington's win last week, hauling in two passes for 31 yards and dropping at least one ball. For the Redskins' big offseason acquisition, those numbers must be disappointing; after all, he was signed to replace the production of DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, both of whom departed in free agency.

But Pryor isn't overly concerned with Washington's stagnant passing attack.

"Guarantee in the next couple weeks it'll start picking up," Pryor said Friday, per ESPN. "I'm a visionary guy, and I see things and like to vision stuff, like successful things. Sometimes people don't see it right now. Every day this week it's been phenomenal between myself and Kirk, even though I didn't practice as much. But just the connection we're getting, it's great. It's hard to see for people, but on the inside it's like, 'man, this is getting exciting.'"

It's one thing to talk about how exciting their connection will be. It's another to prove it, on the outside.

Thankfully for Washington, the Oakland Raiders' secondary is the perfect remedy for aerial woes. Even Josh McCown, Jermaine Kearse and the New York Jets moved the ball against Oakland's defensive backs. Sean Smith and Gareon Conley, while beat up, should play, but Pryor should have a significant height advantage over them, if Cousins ever gets him the ball.

Washington will be happy to win either through the air or on the ground, as it did against the Rams in Week 2. The question, though, as this season continues is will Pryor be as amenable to a run-first attack or will a lack of targets force the wideout out of D.C. after his one-year pact expires? We'll get our first hint on Sunday Night Football.

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