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Terrell Thomas: I'm still the New York Giants' starting CB

New York Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas doesn't care that his team drafted his potential replacement a year ago in Nebraska's Prince Amukamara.

As far as Thomas is concerned, he's the starting cornerback opposite Corey Webster. It's not even up for debate.

"I am (the starter)," Thomas told the New York Daily News on Monday. "I don't care what they say."

Thomas has plenty to prove this offseason after he missed the entire 2011 season upon tearing his anterior cruciate ligament during the preseason. Amukamara battled his own injury trouble as well during his rookie season, only playing in seven games.

"There's no disrespect for any of the guys in the locker room," Thomas added. "It's just my mentality. As a rookie I said I was going to be a starter. I just worked my butt off and finally became one. Especially at the corner position you've got to be confident in that manner in my opinion. I can't be sitting here saying, 'Well, we'll see.' "

Thomas' headstrong attitude extends to his feelings on the Giants' Super Bowl title. While Thomas was thrilled to see his teammates defeat the New England Patriots, the moment was somewhat bittersweet as he didn't play a direct role in the championship.

"I would love to have been out there," said Thomas, who will receive his Super Bowl XLVI ring Wednesday. "But I'm proud of my team. I know I'm a part of a Super Bowl champ. I'll wear it that day and put it away. I'll probably never wear it again. That's just the competitor in me. I want to have my own. I thank my teammates for it and everything, but it's a goal that I want to reach on my own."

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