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Terrell Owens says he wants to play football in the Bay Area

Terrell Owens has taken his public lobbying for an NFL roster spot to the Bay Area, telling a San Francisco radio station that he wants to play for the 49ers or the Raiders.

"Obviously with the draft that just occurred these guys are going to try to fill out what they have on their roster first. Go through the minicamps, the OTAs and see what they have in their barn already. I'm on the outside looking in," Owens conceded.

In an interview that will air on KGMZ-FM in San Francisco on Monday, Owens also told Brandon Tierney & former 49ers cornerback Eric Davis that he has "parted ways" with former agent Drew Rosenhaus, and right now has no representation.

The record-setting wide receiver, who last played for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010 (when he caught 72 passes for 983 yards and nine touchdowns), was asked if he would have been a better fit with the 49ers than Randy Moss.

"Would I have loved to have ended my career there, obviously signing a one- or two-year deal, absolutely. ... It is what it is at this point. I don't make those decisions and they were well aware I was out there so they felt they had the best man on their roster."

Owens was spotted recently working out with Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer.

"There's really only one team left in the Bay Area who I haven't played for that really at this point in time is a viable option and that's the Oakland Raiders," he said. "Given the opportunity if that's on their radar for me to come in and help them win some ball games and ultimately help them try to win a championship then I'll take that challenge on. I definitely feel I have a lot of football left in me. I think Carson knows that."

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