Terrell Owens Says He Should Be in the NFL Right Now

Terrell Owens played his last down on December 19, 2010 in a Browns vs. Bengals game at Paul Brown Stadium. Nearly seven years later, the now 43-year-old former wide receiver says he should still be in the NFL.

"Me not being on the field right now is a joke -- I don't care what people say. Even though I'm 43, trust me, I'm not your average 43-year-old," Owens said during a Fox Sports Radio sitdown with Eric Dickerson.

Owens is second all-time in receiving yards (15,934) and third all-time in receiving TDs (153). The six-time Pro Bowler is widely regarded as one of the best receivers in NFL history, but he's still not in the Hall of Fame despite being eligible since 2016.

"Even when I was 35, 36, 37 they said I was too old, but I was still ballin' out with the 20-year-olds. I can go out right now and give you a 4.4 [40-yard dash time]."

That's a bold statement considering he ran a 4.63 at the 1996 NFL Combine, but he reportedly ran a sub-4.5 back in 2012. There's no doubt that Owens is "not your average 43-year-old," he's in amazing shape. However, there's a difference between in great shape and being able to hold your own against 24-year-old All-Pro cornerback Marcus Peters.

If Owens is somehow able to make a return to the league, he would be the oldest wide receiver in NFL history -- the current record holder is Jerry Rice who was 42 when he played his last game on January 2, 2005.

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