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Terence Newman wants 'hot babe' known as Lombardi

Set to turn 39 in September, Vikings cornerback Terence Newman has one goal left in the NFL.

He wants to play in the Super Bowl, a desire -- in his mind -- that parallels another life quest.

"Hot babes in college," Newman said, per The Star Tribune. "You might get eye contact, maybe a smile and then never hear from her again, right? So I'm chasing this hot babe known as the Lombardi Trophy. I got a couple looks at one point in time, distant glances. No smiles yet. I'm trying to get up close and personal to that babe. That's it. I gotta end it on that."

During long runs with the Cowboys and Bengals, Newman's postseason adventures have been full of heartbreak, with those teams going just 1-6 in January. After an 0-1 postseason start with the Vikings, Newman is ready to feel some championship love.

Same goes for Minnesota's eternally star-crossed fan base.

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