Ten positive cases in latest COVID-19 testing data from NFL, NFLPA

One day after updating testing protocols with the start of the regular season in sight, the NFL and NFLPA released its latest COVID-19 testing results.

From Aug. 21 to Aug. 29, 58,621 tests were administered to a total of 8,739 players and team personnel, with 23,279 of those tests administered to 2,747 players and 35,342 tests administered to 5,992 personnel. Four new confirmed positive tests were found among players, and six new confirmed positives were found among other personnel.

Statistically, the combined total of 10 positive tests over nearly 59,000 tests produced a positive rate of 0.017 percent. Such a low rate is proof that the NFL and NFLPA's joint effort to ensure safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19 is working about as well as possible.

With such a low rate, the updated protocols instituted across the league on Monday make more sense. Shortening the window of waiting time in order to get second test results back to either identify a false positive or confirm a legitimate positive is an efficient and proactive approach to continuing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 -- and to ensure those who aren't infected are able to participate in the sport as often as possible.

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