Tebow magic would be impossible without Broncos' stingy D

The Around the League crew believes in perspective, so allow us to provide a little in regards to Tebowmania.

The Broncos won their fourth consecutive game (and fifth of six) Sunday with Tim Tebow as their quarterback, this time in a 16-13 overtime thriller against the Chargers in San Diego. The headlines everywhere make reference to "Tebow magic" or "Tebow does it again" or "Tebow keeps on winning" or something to that effect.

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That's all well and good, but where the heck is the love for the Broncos' defense?

Brady Quinn, of all people, showed Denver's D some love on Twitter on Sunday night, much to our delight. But beyond that, we're not finding much credit being given to a unit that is "playing lights out," as Quinn tweeted.

The fact of the matter is that, in the last three games, the Broncos' defense has allowed an average of 277 yards and 9.6 points per game. Elvis Dumervil, Von Miller, Champ Bailey and Co. are playing out of their minds right now. Meanwhile, Tebow has completed two, nine and nine pass attempts, respectively, in three consecutive weeks, yet Denver still wins.

The fact is the Broncos have won three-straight close, low-scoring games, because the defense allows Tebow to get away with mediocre performances -- and calling it that is a stretch, in our opinion.

Is Tebow a winner? Absolutely. He has made some clutch throws in clutch situations (like Sunday in San Diego). But let's not forget that Denver's defense sets up those situations for him.

Without the defense, this Broncos' turnaround wouldn't be possible.

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