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Teams heading in opposite directions meet in D.C.

Why to watch
If Washington's offense continues to slide, it could be time for Rex Grossman to take the reins again. That would mean joy for defensive backs with incentives based on interceptions. With no developmental quarterback ready to make a start, it's Grossman and John Beck and hope like heck in Washington. After the Redskins allowed nine sacks against the Bills last week, Patrick Willis and a very physical San Francisco front seven will love what it sees on film.

Inside story
Speaking of defensive backs, the relationship between former Redskins first-round pick Carlos Rogers and the organization started to deteriorate when DeAngelo Hall got his big payday. Rogers couldn't wait to get out, lingered long on the free-agent market and has been a bargain for the 49ers. Notorious for dropping easy picks, Rogers is holding onto the ball now and will be fired up for this game in FedEx Field.

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