Teams expect players to return as soon as lockout is lifted

Teams throughout the NFL are anticipating the near-immediate arrival of players at team facilities within hours of a new collective bargaining agreement being reached, officials from several teams said Monday.

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With the preseason hanging in the balance, legal teams for both sides of the labor fight worked Monday hoping to set the table for key figures later in the week. **More ...**

Though it is unknown if teams will be able to stage any type of minicamps or formal on-field workouts before training camps start, teams are prepared for players' arrivals. Teams are eager to see all players, particularly rookies and those coming off injuries.

Teams wants to administer physicals as soon as possible, especially to players that have had offseason procedures performed by surgeons other than team physicians. Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning recently expressed concerns about his return from neck surgery because he has been unable to consult with team trainers and doctors because of lockout restrictions.

Teams also are preparing for classroom and film work with players. It is expected players will report to lift weights and go through conditioning work.

Teams officials said they will wait to get all rules from the league regarding football-related workouts but they do expect to see most players -- especially team leaders, according to three team officials -- almost right away when the lockout is lifted.

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