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Team Irvin rolls over Team Rice in Pro Bowl

HONOLULU - Team Irvin seemed like the heavy favorite going into Sunday's Pro Bowl festivities and they didn't disappoint. The Cowboys receiver drafted an offensive juggernaut and crushed Team Rice, 49-27.

Here's a few things we learned from Sunday's Pro Bowl action...

1. It's fun to have Seahawks along for the ride. The rise of Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman and the Seahawks have coincided with two straight trips to the Super Bowl, which meant that we did not get the opportunity to see the NFL's most boisterous team living the high life in Hawaii. They did not disappoint.

Wilson was 8-of-12 for 164 yards and three touchdowns, helping Team Irvin get out to an early lead. Richard Sherman was -- predictably -- a ball hawk and closed a 10-yard gap in seconds to swat away a bomb to Amari Cooper. He also played offense, got a reverse, attempted to cut back across the field and lost 22 yards in spectacular fashion. Michael Bennett was in the backfield often, and he did the Nae Nae with a group of mascots midway through the third quarter. The Seahawks are still in a good position to return to the Super Bowl next year, but we'll be more than happy to take them in Hawaii.

2. A glimpse of Pro Bowl future? This year's Pro Bowl took plenty of heat for the unusually large number of injury withdrawals and no shows, basically leaving the event to the league's young cadre of stars. Would that end up being the worst thing in the world if the trend stuck? Watching Jameis Winston uncork passes downfield was pretty enjoyable on Sunday, as was Allen Robinson's 50-yard touchdown and Amari Cooper's 23-yard catch. Derek Carr whipped a frozen rope to T.Y. Hilton that was also one of the best throws I've seen in person. We often see rookies bottled up during their first few seasons despite an insane level of natural athletic ability. Why not put it on display?

3. Oh, Jerry. It appears that Jerry Rice was trying to build a version of the 2013 power-based Seattle Seahawks. His offensive line and fullback situation? Not a problem. Allowing Team Irvin to draft Russell Wilson, Julio Jones, A.J. Green, Allen Robinson and DeAndre Hopkins? A bit of a problem. In a game where front seven play typically means less than zero, Rice went with Khalil Mack in the second round. This decision would be supported wholeheartedly if Team Rice was playing in the NFL next year. Unfortunately, it will not bolster his fantasy drafting credentials.

4. Eifert injury. Eifert left the game in a walking boot with a foot injury. Per the team's official web site, initial tests were positive, but Eifert will receive further tests on Monday. The Bengals tight end is coming off a career year in Cincinnati. Eifert was diving for a pass when the injury occurred.

5. Odell Feats of Strength. Is it just me or were we expecting far more from the league's most athletic player? Beckham has already taken over the NFL with his unique brand of one-handed catches and leaping grabs. On Sunday, though, we got a snap or two at free safety and a swing pass. Could this be another critical misstep on the part of Team Rice? Might they go hard after team Irvin head coach Michael Irvin next year? Stay tuned.

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