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Taylor's take: 'Wherever you put me, I'm going to make home'

After eight seasons in black and gold, Ike Taylor's future with the Pittsburgh Steelers remains uncertain, but the free-agent cornerback isn't sweating it.

"Time will tell," Taylor told *The Times-Picayune* on Friday. "I've been (in Pittsburgh) for eight years. I've been in that city more than any other city in my whole life, but time will tell. I see myself being anywhere I need to be. Wherever you put me, I'm going to make home."

Taylor, a two-time Super Bowl champion, played the final year of a four-year, $22.5 million deal with the Steelers last season. He's open to a ninth campaign in Pittsburgh, but the NFL lockout has dropped free agents into an abyss. Taylor believes he already would have signed somewhere if not for the labor drama.

"I just leave it up to my agent (Joel Segal) and Pittsburgh," Taylor said. "When it comes down to getting serious, I'm sure my agent is going to call me. Other than that, he'll let me know when the time is right. When you get into this profession, you already know that's part of the business. You don't know what's really going to go on. There's nothing in our business that's guaranteed anyway, so that's how I look at it."

Taylor has gone through his usual offseason regimen with personal coach Tom Shaw, whom he met during his freshman year at Marion Abramson Senior High School in New Orleans. Taylor was among more than 20 players, including New England running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis, who traveled from Shaw's training site in Orlando, Fla., to suburban Atlanta in May to work with some Oakland Raiders at a players-only minicamp.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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