Takeo Spikes opens up about who he follows on Twitter

You can tell a lot about a man if you just look at the people he follows on Twitter. And when I took a gander at Takeo Spikes' list recently, I knew I had to ask him about it during his recent visit to the NFL Network studios. So we get to the bottom of this and some other serious subjects in this edition of 20 Questions.

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Adam Rank: Who is the most embarrassing person you follow on Twitter?

Takeo Spikes: Smoke, from Field Mob. He's a rapper. He's embarrassing man. I just looked at it, are you serious man? He posts the wildest things that are on there.

AR: What about Rachael Ray? I see you follow her.

TS: I was on the RR Show. I had a contest with two other guys: Who could prepare the best game-day food? I came out victorious in the end. And the Cake Boss was the special judge. He came on. I prepared some nice lamb chops, asparagus wrapped in cheddar and apple compote. I won, brother.

AR: Is that a specialty of yours?

TS: Yeah, yeah. I don't cook, why should I cook when I can walk down the street and get a meal in 10 to 15 minutes? It is what it is.

AR: But when you're called upon, it sounds like you rise to the challenge.

TS: Oh yeah, when I show up, I show out. That's what happened on the "Rachel Ray Show."

AR: Seems like an odd pairing though.

TS: I like these shows. I've got the Food Network on now. (The TV in the green room is indeed on the Food Network.)

AR: Rachael Ray or Guy Fieri, who has the better show?

TS: I like both because they both present different things, two different audiences. With Guy, he's like we can get fancy, I can show you the modern food, but we're going to spice it up a little bit. But with Rachael, I'm going to hook you up with some nice cuisine you can present to the family. So I like both.

AR: If we pitched a Food Network show for you, what would be the concept?

TS: Grilling and fish frying. I'm big on that. I love to have pool parties at the house, and my specialty is fish. And they are always asking me, "Yo Spikes, when are you going to drop the fish into the grease?" And I can't disappoint. I love having catfish, tilapia and salmon on the grill.

AR: Who has the best fish tacos in San Diego?

TS: I try fish tacos everywhere I go. I found a nice little spot for fish tacos in the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego. But I can't remember the name of the place, though. (Adam's note: Try Senor El Taquero or Tin Fish.)

AR: Have you been to PetCo Park?

TS: I threw out the first pitch at a Padres game.

AR: Did you go 60-feet 6-inches?

TS: I went 59 feet. Bounced it right on the damn plate. And I got booed. But I loved it though.

AR: Do you get a chance to warm up?

TS: I did and I was throwing it good. But when I got up on that mound, it was just like, damn, it didn't look that far. You just don't even know. It messed me up. They were playing the Dodgers. I remember (Matt) Kemp over there, he was laughing though.

AR: Was it embarrassing with Kemp laughing at you?

TS: A little bit, but if you put them in my world, they probably can't even catch a football. There's a little give and take on both sides.

AR: Is there anything you would like to do in sports that you haven't done?

TS: I'm going to do this. I'm going running with the bulls in Spain when I'm done playing. I love the facial expression of the guys when they turn that corner and the bull is running behind them. Classic. It's priceless. That's a rush. I can tell you this, I won't be the last damn one. I know the last guy always gets trampled, and I know that it won't be me.

AR: What would coach Turner say if you called him and told him you were missing offseason work because you were running with the bulls?

TS: He'd say, 'Spikes, you crazy.'

AR: What shows are you catching up on?

TS: I used to love "24," but I love "Dexter." I've got to catch up on "Game of Thrones," too. I've got to watch "Boardwalk Empire."

AR: How did you like the twist at the end of "Dexter?" Is it too over-the-top now? Can it keep going?

TS: I loved it. It was great. There are some shows that have overstayed their welcome, but "Dexter" is still good.

AR: What about movies?

TS: I love old movies. Like anything with Richard Pryor. "Which Way is Up?", "Stir Crazy." I love the old stuff.

AR: What about "Cannonball Run?"

TS: I love it. The star power in that movie, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett. It was awesome. You can't go wrong with the old school movies.

AR: We need to remake that movie and you can do the Joe Klecko part.

TS: For sure, I could totally play that part. Totally.

AR: If I looked at your iPod right now, what would come up in your recently played list?

TS: 2 Chainz. I like the old school stuff, but if you want somebody who's up and coming, listen to him.

Thanks for the time, Takeo.

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