TA The Locker Room Podcast: Thomas Dimitroff on his NFL Journey

Former NFL Executive of the Year and longtime general manager Thomas Dimitroff returns to tell Brian Billick and Michael Robinson about the lengths he'd go to keep the draft rumors from flying (1:45). Thomas then dives into the beginning of his NFL journey, from Canada, to the World League, to Japan, to the Cleveland Browns' grounds crew (4:18), and breaks down the decision to pursue a GM career instead of coaching (7:40). MRob asks about Dimitroff's time with Bill Belichick and the lessons learned… including how to be honest when being honest might me difficult (10:12). Billick asks what it was like becoming the GM for a Falcons organization in disarray (14:45), and Dimitroff goes into detail including his relationship with head coach Mike Smith. MRob asks the hard question… how did Thomas handle the Super Bowl LI loss to the New England Patriots (18:02), Dimitroff handles the question with honesty and grace. Does Dimitroff feel he would have been fired this past October if they'd beaten the Patriots in Super Bowl LI (25:48)?, listen and find out. Billick reminds us that there are two type of coaches and GMs, those who have been fired and those who will be fired (28:11), and Thomas goes on to agree in detail. Finally, Dimitroff talks about his current RV lifestyle (33:10).