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T.O. happy to have his 'beautiful handsome face' gracing a cereal box

FAIRPORT, N.Y. -- Buffalo Bills fans who can't get enough of Terrell Owens can have him for breakfast.

With a throng of about 400 "T.O.! T.O.!"-chanting fans crowded into one corner of a suburban Rochester supermarket Thursday, the new Bills wide receiver officially unveiled the breakfast cereal that bears his name, "T.O.'s Honey Toasted Oats."

Noting he has never had a food named after him, Owens said having "this beautiful handsome face" on the cover is better than making it on a box of Wheaties.

"I'm very honored and humbled," Owens added. "I feel more pressure selling these boxes of T.O.'s than I do scoring touchdowns."

The crowd ate it up. Aside from those who yelled out, "I love you, T.O.!" one person even offered up a proposal of marriage. Owens smiled but declined.

And there were even a few football questions, including someone who asked Owens whether the Bills would beat the AFC East division rival New England Patriots to open the season Sept. 14.

Passing the torch


Former Bills QB Doug Flutie once had his own cereal (Flutie Flakes) flying off the shelves in Buffalo, but now it's T.O.'s turn. Compare their career statistics:

**Doug Flutie**
Passer Rating: 76.3

Passing Yards: 14,175

TDs/INTs: 86/68

Rushing TDs: 10

**Terrell Owens**
Receptions: 951

Receiving Yards: 1,422

Yards Per Catch: 14.8

TDs: 141 (139 receiving,

2 rushing)

"Trust me when I say this: It's not going to be an easy game for New England," Owens said to a roaring cheer.

Owens has been a huge local celebrity since signing with the Bills in March, shortly after being released by the Dallas Cowboys. He has drawn plenty of attention while filming his reality show around the city. And his arrival has paid off for the Bills, who have sold more than 53,000 season tickets.

Owens has particularly been the center of attention at training camp in Pittsford. About 5,000 total fans showed up for the Bills' first two practices Saturday, and the attendance has been steady all week. Numerous fans are wearing Owens' No. 81 jerseys, and some have brought T.O.'s cereal boxes, which went on sale last week.

The cereal is produced by Pittsburgh-based PLB Sports, which previously made "Flutie Flakes," when Doug Flutie was a Bills quarterback.

The cereal is sold at Tops Friendly Market locations in western New York and also is available online (

Tops CEO Frank Curci said his stores already have sold more than 11,000 boxes of T.O.'s.

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