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Switzer told Cowboys to take Murray in 2011 draft

Barry Switzer is the gift that keeps on giving for the Dallas Cowboys.

The former Oklahoma coach who guided the 'Boys to a win in Super Bowl XXX recently touted himself as the galvanizing force behind Dallas drafting running back DeMarco Murray in 2011.

After watching Murray star in Oklahoma's backfield, Switzer repeatedly pestered Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones to snatch up the runner come draft day. The salesmanship sunk in.

"So I'm watching the draft that year, the third round's coming up, and my phone rings," Switzer recalled to "It's Jerry, in the war room. He says, 'Barry, tell these guys what you told me.'"

Switzer responded: "You all are the luckiest sons of bitches in the world because this kid is a first-round talent falling into your lap, and if you don't take him, you're as crazy as that time you didn't take Randy Moss."

The war room erupted into laughter, but Switzer's point hit home. Moments later -- one pick after the Chiefs drafted Justin Houston -- Dallas swooped in to take Murray.

Mark Ingram, Ryan Williams, Shane Vereen, Mikel Leshoure and Daniel Thomas were all picked before Murray, but none have come close to matching his impact. Whether or not the 'Boys re-sign last year's league-leading rusher, they'll never regret taking Switzer's advice.

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