Super Bowl XLVIII analyst picks favor Seahawks over Broncos

Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos? How will things play out? Who will assume a starring role? Our analysts weigh in with their predictions for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Why the Seahawks will win: Peyton Manning has his moments against the league's top-ranked defense, but Russell Wilson elevates in an MVP performance.

Bold prediction: In stark contrast to their previous Super Bowl appearance, the Seahawks will have at least one controversial call (or non-call) go their way.

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Why the Seahawks will win: The Seattle defense -- along with the weather -- holds the Broncos' passing offense and the scoring down. This allows the Seahawks to play their ball-control style, thus limiting Peyton Manning's touches.

Bold prediction: Richard Sherman will get pretty bored, as the Broncos avoid throwing in his direction.

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Why the Broncos will win: Even the "Legion of Boom" can't stop Peyton Manning, who is destined to change his legacy by capturing his second Super Bowl win -- in the cold.

Bold prediction: With the Broncos driving for the clinching score, Wes Welker will make a huge, difficult catch to seal it. While Manning is set to avenge his past big-game losses, Welker will do the same. He'll erase the memory of his tough drop in Super Bowl XLVI.

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Bold prediction: Everyone is talking about Denver's offense, but I think Seattle's offense is going to shine in this game. That unit will win the Super Bowl.

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Why the Seahawks will win: It's a classic. Marshawn Lynch is unstoppable, and Richard Sherman comes up with a big, late interception of Peyton Manning.

Bold prediction: SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! It's going to be majestic, and I can't wait. Weather is a factor all year long -- should be the same in the Super Bowl ... and it finally will be! (Yes, I know what the weather reports say at the time that this was posted, but weather reports are predictably unpredictable. And you asked for a "bold prediction," right?)

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Why the Broncos will win: With the weather looking to be fairly mild, all things considered, Seattle's mediocre offense will not be able to put up enough points to win. Expecting an extremely competitive Super Bowl. (Of course, I also wrote an entire column explaining this pick -- click here for these expanded thoughts.)

Bold prediction: Richard Sherman gets everybody riled up early with an interception to set up a score. And then he gets picked on late, giving up a key touchdown. Too much talking.

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Why the Seahawks will win: Seattle's defense is ultimately the dominant force in this game. The Seahawks' physicality will be too much for Denver to handle.

Bold prediction: The Broncos' offense will be held to its lowest yardage total of the season. And this will be the second straight year I pick the Super Bowl score exactly right.

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Why the Seahawks will win: When it comes to picking games, I have a system that uses 10 different variable statistics -- and it has these two squads nearly tied. However, Seattle's defense is just so good, and MetLife Stadium can be a tough place to play for pass-heavy offenses, so I'm going with the 'Hawks.

Bold prediction: While Seattle's defense obviously will play a huge role, the victory will be secured by the right foot of kicker Steven Hauschka, who will boot a field goal from 50-plus yards out to put the Seahawks over the top -- and it'll happen in overtime.

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Why the Broncos will win: Hard to hold this explosive Denver team under 20 points.

Bold prediction: We'll see a great defensive game in the elements, one that will set the all-time TV-ratings record.

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Why the Seahawks will win: Seattle's imposing defense just overwhelms Peyton Manning, who throws three interceptions.

Bold prediction: Each team scores a special teams touchdown.

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Why the Seahawks will win: Marshawn Lynch controls the clock and Seattle's secondary lives up to the hype.

Bold prediction: There won't be a single sack recorded in the game.

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Why the Seahawks will win: This was the worst possible matchup for the Broncos. Cold weather and a top-ranked defense with enough big-time cornerbacks to shut down Denver's receivers. Look how well the Patriots' defense held the Broncos' offense in check while Aqib Talib was still in the game. Plus the Seahawks have a much better pass rush to put pressure on Peyton Manning. And you know all about Manning and pressure.

Bold prediction: Earl Thomas will tie Rod Martin's Super Bowl record with three interceptions, one of which he returns for a touchdown.

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