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Super Bowl XLVII picks: Analysts split between 49ers, Ravens


Score:Ravens 24, 49ers 21
Why the Ravens will win: Baltimore's offense might not be trendy or flashy, but when it works, it possesses the weapons to successfully expose the 49ers' secondary.
MVP:Joe Flacco
Bold prediction: Just as Eli Manning became a redefined man in the wake of his Super Bowl XLII win, Flacco will follow suit on Sunday. This is when Flacco settles any doubts about his value as an elite quarterback.


Score:49ers 28, Ravens 24
Why the 49ers will win: Almost every individual matchup seems to favor the 49ers. San Francisco's defense is equipped to limit the Ravens' run game.
MVP:Vernon Davis
Bold prediction:NaVorro Bowman will score a touchdown for San Francisco.


Score:49ers 27, Ravens 24
Why the 49ers will win: The Niners will find a way to limit the Ravens' running game and keep Baltimore from making the big plays it has managed to make throughout the postseason.
MVP:Colin Kaepernick
Bold prediction: After fraying the nerves of every 49ers fan in the universe, kicker David Akers makes the decisive field goal -- after missing one.


Score:Ravens 23, 49ers 21
MVP:Ray Lewis
Bold prediction:David Akers will attempt a potential game-winning field goal ... and miss.


Score:49ers 31, Ravens 20
Why the 49ers will win: The one thing the Ravens won't be able to handle is Colin Kaepernick's speed, and he'll make them pay with big play after big play.
MVP:Colin Kaepernick
Bold prediction: In his final game in a Ravens uniform, safety Ed Reed records a pick-six.


Score:49ers 34, Ravens 26
Why the 49ers will win: Baltimore's dependence on the deep ball and inability to consistently stop the 49ers' running game will determine the day.
MVP:Colin Kaepernick
Bold prediction: The 49ers will pile up 150 yards on the ground.


Score:Ravens 31, 49ers 27
Why the Ravens will win: Because it's impossible, at this point, to argue against the whole "team of destiny" idea. And the Ravens are playing their best ball at the right time.
MVP:Joe Flacco
Bold prediction: The Ravens' defense will prove to be savvy enough and skilled enough to keep Colin Kaepernick in check. And Flacco's long-ball magic continues.


Score:Ravens 31, 49ers 28
Why the Ravens will win: I'm rooting for Baltimore because Ravens tight end Billy Bajema is one of my best friends from back home -- I also played with him in St. Louis -- and I want him to get a ring. I think it's going to be a great game with two great teams.
MVP:Joe Flacco


Score:Ravens 24, 49ers 17
Why the Ravens will win: (Baltimore coach John Harbaugh) is supposed to beat the younger brother (San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh)
MVP:Anquan Boldin
Bold prediction: A defensive back will run away from Boldin.


Score:49ers 24, Ravens 17
Why the 49ers will win: San Francisco's physical offensive and defensive lines wear down the Ravens, and the run game becomes the determining factor.
MVP:Vernon Davis
Bold prediction:Alex Smith gets a series at some point in the game. Also, Justin Smith shows up in an offensive goal-line or short-yardage situation.


Score:49ers 28, Ravens 24
Why the 49ers will win: San Francisco's offense -- the line, backs, quarterback, Vernon Davis -- prove to be a bit better than Baltimore's defense. The San Francisco D is clutch.
MVP:Colin Kaepernick
Bold prediction: Niners win despite David Akers missing a huge kick.


Score:Ravens 34, 49ers 31
Why the Ravens will win: Because NFL teams just want to drive us crazy by proving, year after year, that the regular season is almost irrelevant.
MVP:Joe Flacco
Bold prediction:Bernard Pierce will top 100 yards.


Score:49ers 28, Ravens 24
Why the 49ers will win: The numbers favor San Francisco, though it's worth noting that the numbers favored the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots, too, and Baltimore knocked off both. But the Niners match up a little too well with the Ravens. As long as it doesn't come down to David Akers, I think San Francisco prevails.
MVP:Colin Kaepernick
Bold prediction:Randy Moss will have two touchdown receptions.


Score:Ravens 27, 49ers 24
Why the Ravens will win:Joe Flacco ends up being too much for the Niners' defense, posting two touchdown passes and a 65 percent completion rate.
MVP:Joe Flacco


Score:49ers 31 Ravens 17
Why the 49ers will win: We've been due for a blowout for some time, and the 49ers' run offense will be too much for the Ravens to handle.
MVP:Colin Kaepernick
Bold prediction:Randy Moss is a factor in this game and scores a touchdown.


Score:Ravens 21 49ers 19
Why the Ravens will win: Because Ray Lewis is retiring, and everyone wants to see him depart from the game with a win.
Bold prediction: Maybe Destiny's Child performs instead of Beyoncé -- and they're live.


Score:49ers 31, Ravens 24
Why the 49ers will win: San Francisco's offensive and defensive lines win their battles.
MVP:Frank Gore
Bold prediction:Colin Kaepernick leads a fourth-quarter comeback.


Score:Ravens 23, 49ers 17
Why the Ravens will win: Baltimore's defense will cause Colin Kaepernick to commit a couple of big turnovers, and that will be the difference.
MVP:Ed Reed
Bold prediction: Beyoncé will sing live at halftime. Ray Lewis will finally get to say he's going to Disney World. And Alex Smith walks off the field wearing an Arizona Cardinals hat.


Score:49ers 37, Ravens 16
Why the 49ers will win: Except for when they're facing Russell Wilson's Seattle Seahawks, the Niners' defense is clearly the NFL's best. San Francisco will prove that by picking off the interception-allergic Joe Flacco a couple of times.
MVP:Aldon Smith
Bold prediction: Ten years from now, Anquan Boldin will accuse John Harbaugh of throwing the game so his brother could win a Super Bowl.

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