Super Bowl XLIXperience: Saturday

One last bash (2 a.m. MT)

Bud Light gets me.

A day after my harrowing experience at the Playboy party, a crew that included myself, Around The NFL colleague Marc Sessler and a few close family and friends headed over to Bud Light's #UpForWhatever bash on Saturday. During this week, I've attended parties that were swanky (Glazerpalooza), wet (Madden Bowl XXI) and legitimately dangerous (Hefnerpalooza).

Bud Light gave me my favorite party experience of the week. No crazy lines, no pushing and shoving, no shouting security guards and a laid-back vibe that ditched the pretension of other parties. This tucked-away scene -- in which a Bro plays "Say It Ain't So" on his acoustic guitar with Blue album loyalists belting out the chorus -- was not happening at any other festivity this week.

Set up like a county-fair-meets-beach-party, the event featured multiple food trucks, an unlimited supply of beer (guess what kind) and a host of different games and activities. We made two separate visits -- once during the afternoon before a return for the "main event" under the big top at night.

During the day, there was another cameo from my friend Shaq, who you'll remember had been whisked away from the lower deck of the Titanic during my Playboy adventure. Here, Diesel showed up for a random DJ set. Those hoping for a rap performance off Shaq Fu: Da Return were sorely disappointed.

At night, the secret headline performer was Steve Aoki, titan of the electro-house scene. Aoki was easily the greatest showman of any dance DJ I've ever seen. His trademark move -- which I didn't learn until last night -- involved throwing a series of giant birthday cakes into the crowd of adoring fans. To be hit by an Aoki cake is to feel truly alive.

Did I mention this party had pesto shrimp tacos? Man, that is a great freaking invention. Bud Light had engendered so much goodwill on this day, in fact, that I even tried one of those Lime-A-Rita things. It wasn't good but, I don't know, call it a heat check.

At one point, Marc commented that the feel of the party had an innocent 1999-like vibe to it, an observation I totally agreed with. Fun and goofy and enjoyable, but without Barenaked Ladies. Thank you Bud Light. You get me.

OK. Now off with the wristbands and onto the stadium. I need some football ... and an IV.

Cameo on the Worldwide Leader (4:30 p.m. MT)

True to his word, Tony Bruno spoke about our Walter White-inspired encounter on Friday's edition of *Olbermann* on ESPN2.

Just so everyone's clear, I didn't know Bruno before Media Day, but I also didn't actually think he was dressed as Bryan Cranston. Whatever, though. If my fate is to be the Super Bowl XLIX version of the guy who asked The Doug Williams Question, I'll live with it.

We close out Super Bowl party week at the Bud Light "House Of Whatever" in downtown Phoenix. Looks like a very cool scene.

If I were a video game character, I would have one bar of life remaining.

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