Super Bowl week is not complete without Jerrah Bus

A quick story.

On Thursday at around midnight, my cab driver dropped me off a couple of blocks away from my destination, the Hilton in downtown Houston. Well, to be more specific, my destination was actually the Hilton lobby bar, which has become a popular spot for cross-pollinating media types this week.

Unfortunately, I had an obstacle. The sprawling Super Bowl Live setup -- a fenced-in NFL village of sorts that takes up several city blocks -- stood between me and my rendezvous with Tito. So I started walking east (OK, it could have been west or north or south, I'm not good with direction) to get around Super Bowl Live and to the hotel.

And that's when I came across ... her:

I just want to use my modest platform here to say something: I love the Jerrah Bus. It is such a perfect symbol of what the Cowboys represent -- the flashy, larger-than-life, "Hey, look at us, we're America's Team and you're not" attitude that makes them both loved and loathed in equal measure. I've been going to league tentpole events for six years now, and I can't remember when there wasn't a Jerrah Bus sighting. It is a constant.

I think it's impressive, and kind of hilarious-looking, and surely a fun ride on a Friday night, and it whenever it rumbles past me it's a big reminder that something big is going on.

Which, you know, is pretty much the whole reason Jerrah Bus exists. The Cowboys, if nothing else, are masters of their brand.

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