Super Bowl can brings Seal, Ultimate Warrior together

I'm in the middle of the Super Bowl 50 storm in San Francisco this week, but I had to deliver the End Around to the people. Really, it shows what kind of guy I am above everything. Well, that, and this space is sponsored and the people of Pepsi would lash me without mercy if I didn't deliver high-octane content.

Speaking of which, you can follow along with all my coverage of the pop culture beat of Super Bowl week on the View From The 50 blog. With that shameless plug out of the way, let's get to it.

Welcome to the Around The NFL End Around, a weekly look back at the world of the National Football League. Dan Hanzus serves as your guide.

Chris Martin is a dangerous individual

That Chris Martin is a freakin' charmer. The "Awwwwww" count for women in my section during Coldplay's Thursday press conference was at three in the first 10 minutes of the band's availability. This guy knows what he's doing. He combines a genial attitude with a quirky British sensibility that makes you want to keep your wife three city blocks away from him at all times.

Even when Martin dropped an F-bomb during live NFL Network coverage (this was easily the edgiest moment in Coldplay's career) nobody could get mad at Martin because he did it in a disarming, polite way. At one point in the press conference, a woman in the audience asked for hug. After the Q&A session was done, Martin sought out the woman for an embrace. Here's the proof!

This man, endearing as he is, should be considered a dangerous menace to monogamy.

The Panthers' Ultimate Warrior

One of my favorite anecdotes of this week came courtesy of colleague Conor Orr, who asked Josh Norman who was his greatest non-football playing hero. It took a few moments, but the Panthers cornerback came up with an answer.

"I think everyone wanted to be the Ultimate Warrior," he said. "Watching wrestling, I want to be that guy."

This is a solid answer. Everyone did want to be the Ultimate Warrior. I guess I'm most intrigued by the time element at play here. Norman was born in 1987, which means he was 2 years old at the Warrior's apex point (that being -- of course -- his Wrestlemania VI triumph over Hulk Hogan that unified the WWF's championship and Intercontinental belt). Guess Josh is a student of the squared circle.

By the way, the Ultimate Warrior's mic work was truly insane and inspirational. Rest in peace, you beautiful maniac.

Me & Fitzmagic

This is me and Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrickat the Madden party on Thursday night. I've talked to hundreds of NFL players in my years at, but nothing made me more nervous than approaching Fitzmagic. It's just the dorky Jets fan in me. I did ask him if he'll sign a new deal with the Jets before free agency and he replied, "I hope so." There were certainly some worthy follow-up questions, but, like I said, I geeked out here. It's quite embarrassing really.

What the what?

Did you know that if you go to a certain San Francisco hillside in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, you'll find a disheveled Seal singing songs from the Batman Forever soundtrack for eternity.

Left Shark sighting

I took this photo at the Super Bowl Media Center. I have to say, I still don't agree why Left Shark took so much heat for his dancing at halftime of Super Bowl XLIX. He really wasn't that bad. I kind of understand why Katy Perry may have hung him upside down for several days for upstaging her, but that doesn't mean he deserved it.

And the winner for the Best Costume At Media Night goes to ...

This is an amazing bit of fully leaded nightmare fuel!

So what's Gronk up to?

Grinding on a nice lady ...

... and scarfing down chicken wings with his brothers.

In other words, a typical Gronk week.

Tweet Of The Week

That's Cam Newton dancing with teammates to a 2 Chainz song with the hook, "You gettin' mad/I'm gettin' rich." Angry housewives will develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome writing their letters about Cam's latest grossly inappropriate message to the youth of America.

I'm still thinking about this guy from the Madden party ...

Big time Cool Dad setback.

Speaking of Cool Dads ...

I don't know if the Broncos stand a chance on Sunday (I kinda think they don't), but I know G-Koobz is gonna look fashionable for his age regardless. And don't even get me started on that hair. Who's to know if the color is natural -- the shade is peak Elvis black for the 54-year-old -- I just know he's pulling it off with grace. Kubiak deserves a Salma Hayek-type endorsement deal with a major male beauty products conglomerate.

I've said too much.

Quote of the Week, Part I

"Get this clown off the air!"

-- Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis on NBC analyst Rodney Harrison, who said the Broncos should attempt to go after Cam Newton's knees if they want to win Super Bowl 50.

In a related story, Harrison is currently on the midspan of the Bay Bridge yelling at passing motorists that the Patriots will win on Sunday.

Quote of the Week, Part II

*"I'm not gonna speculate on where the Pro Bowl is going, but I was disappointed in what I saw on Sunday." *

-- NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during his annual Super Bowl press conference on Friday.

Here's a translation of Rog's statement: "Aloha, NFL's crippled all-star game." To paraphrase Clemenza in The Godfather, we won't see you no more.

Hero of the Week: Peyton Manning

I think I speak for the entire football world when I thank Peyton Manning for not sharing his plans on retirement at the start of this week. The will-he-or-won't-he aspect of the situation is a big enough story. We'd go into Sheriff coverage meltdown if we all knew definitively this was his last game. So thanks, Peyton. It means a lot. I hope things go better than last time.

Until next time ...

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