Suh: 'I wanted to prove myself' with one-year deal

After a five-year rookie contract in Detroit and a six-year mega deal in Miami, Ndamukong Suh will shift gears with his next contract, signing just a one-year pact with the Los Angeles Rams on Friday.

The deal isn't necessarily a cheap one, coming in at $14 million. But it is one that the three-time All-Pro defensive tackle said fuels his fire to show he's worthy of signing lucrative, long-term contracts once again in the future.

"For me, how I look at it is I wanted to prove myself," Suh said at his Rams introductory news conference Friday. "And I think they want me to come in here and prove myself that I'm worthy of being here and staying here for the long stay. I think the overall goal is to focus on this particular year, which is the most important thing in front of us. And like you said, they had a very successful year last year in the regular season and I believe I can be of help to get them over some of the humps."

Both general manager Les Snead and Suh said different contracts were discussed, including "definitely longer-term" ones, Suh told NFL Network's Steve Wyche. The fact that Suh agreed to take on the one-year pact, though, signals the money in the long-term offers was not what he wanted to see.

As a defensive lineman who's used to playing on deals that netted him closer to $20 million per year rather than the $14 million he's set to play for this season, Suh clearly believes he can show the league in 2018 he's worthy of higher-dollar, longer-term guarantees in the future.

Whether that's with the Rams, who have a ship-load of players that will need new contracts in the next one or two seasons (Suh, Brandin Cooks, Marcus Peters, Aaron Donald, Lamarcus Joyner, Todd Gurley, among others), remains to be seen.

But Suh looks ready to prove he deserves it regardless.

"There was definitely longer-term conversations that we had, we just felt that it was the best fit for this particular point in time, and kind of go from there," Suh said.

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