Suggs puts 'getting the job done' ahead of league discipline

Terrell Suggs believes dishing out punishment on a quarterback is part of his job. That's why the threat of a league fine won't affect how the Baltimore Ravens linebacker plays.

"I'll take a fine, if I get a good shot at a quarterback," Suggs said Friday on "The Jim Rome Show", via "I don't care where I hit him, how I hit him, as long as I'm getting the job done, I'll take it."

Suggs doesn't buy into the theory that safer play can be gained through stiffer financial penalties. Instead, Suggs feels it's a matter of better play along the offensive line to protect quarterbacks.

"Quarterbacks get hit," Suggs said. "You don't want to get hit, play defense, play something else. Go punt the ball."

Suggs clearly wasn't pulling any punches during the interview. He also dismissed talk that the Pittsburgh Steelers have his team's number. The Steelers have won six of the last eight games in the series and two of three meetings last season, including a 31-24 triumph in the AFC Divisional Playoffs.

"They've just been really fortunate. If you've seen it, it comes down to one or two plays. Don't be fooled," Suggs said. "Yes, they've won. ... But don't be fooled. Like people say, 'Pittsburgh's won six of the last eight,' but look at the scores. It's like one play here, one play there. A lot of those wins [could] go the other way."

Suggs can put his money where his mouth is when the Ravens open the season against the Steelers on Sunday.

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