Stoops: Green-Beckham will have 'super' NFL career

The season of ringing endorsements is upon us, and the next up is rookie Titans wideout Dorial Green-Beckham.

Beckham didn't spend long with Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops -- he was dismissed from Missouri after a pair of arrests -- but that isn't stopping the Sooners' leader from saying that the Titans got a clean prospect that is ready to move on.

Green-Beckham, by the way, did not play a down at Oklahoma.

"A lot of times, through different circumstances, young people learn from mistakes, and I felt like he did," Stoops told The Tennessean. "There's a maturing process young people go through, and I believe Dorial has grown. Dorial has so much going for him. I think he is going to have a super career in the NFL. I hope it works out that way, and I believe it will. I really do."

One AFC offensive coordinator told NFL Media that Green-Beckham was completely lost when they had him in for board work. He scared many teams into thinking that he wasn't even an option before Day 3 of the NFL Draft.

The Titans, though, needed to make a splash fast. New quarterback, new play-making wideout. If nothing else, Green-Beckham may have been the most athletic option in the draft.

For the Titans' sake, they'd better hope Stoops was right about everything else.

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