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Stolen Super Bowl ring found for guard on '85 Chicago Bears

Police in Spokane, Wash., have recovered a stolen Super Bowl ring belonging to Stefan Humphries, a guard for the 1985 Chicago Bears and the drummer in the "Super Bowl Shuffle" video.

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Humphries' home in Spokane was burglarized while he was away on vacation. He also lost a Rose Bowl championship ring (which has also been recovered), a Super Bowl pendant, a Big 10 championship ring and a Michigan senior ring (still missing).

"I was in a funk for a couple of weeks as a result of it," Humphries told The Spokesman-Review on Friday, according to "It's that sentimental attachment that you really can't replace….it's priceless, it's personal and it definitely is associated with some wonderful memories."

Humphries played five seasons in the NFL and later went to medical school and became a doctor.

Police arrested Jonathan R. Andersen, 24, who was allegedly driving a stolen SUV full of gold, silver and diamond jewelry. Andersen said Friday that he knows nothing about the stolen memorabilia.

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