Still no resolution on Gordon's reinstatement status

We're still without any resolution on Gordon's future.

Mary Kay Cabot of reports that the receiver's situation is "status quo," according to a source close to the situation

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said at the NFL Annual Meeting two weeks ago that he'd receive a report and decide if it's appropriate to meet with Gordon. An NFL spokesman told Cabot there is no update on Gordon.

The Browns have said that if he's reinstated, they'd have a spot on the roster for the uber-talented, but troubled, receiver.

Yet, Cleveland's brass seems weary of the elongated wait.

Opening up the team's offseason workouts this week, coach Hue Jackson shot down inquiries about Gordon.

"I think it's premature for me to talk about that because he hasn't been reinstated,'' Jackson said.

Last month, EVP Sashi Brown sounded exasperated by continuing questions regarding Gordon and it appears at this point Cleveland is viewing the receiver as a bonus prospect.

"I would just say probably enough Josh chatter," Brown said. "I know he's intriguing but really for us, we're focused on the guys that are on our roster and if Josh comes back, great, and if he doesn't, we're ready.''

The NFL doesn't have requirement on when a decision must be made on a player applying for reinstatement. There is some speculation the league could be waiting for Gordon to show further proof of his commitment to sobriety.

Whatever the reason, we continue to wait to see whether the Browns will get back their most talented receiver, or whether a career already thrown off the track will remain sidelined.

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