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Stick with Russell Wilson through recent struggles

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Marcas Grant: I can imagine your frustration, especially since it was all good about a month ago. At this point, Philip Rivers is probably going to be relegated to your bench. Not only has he struggled in his last four games, but his schedule the rest of the way will do him no favors. On the flipside, Russell Wilson doesn't have the best slate of games upcoming, but it is a little more favorable than what Rivers has to face. Plus we are reminded every week that even if Wilson isn't getting it done in the passing game, he can still score for you as a runner.

M.G.: This has been a lost season for Jordan Cameron. Between the injuries and the loss of Norv Turner as offensive coordinator, the Browns tight end hasn't come close to living up to expectations in 2014. Admittedly, Bennett has been inconsistent as well but at least he hasn't engaged in his usual post-September disappearing act. Even if all things were equal, Bennett has a slightly better matchup against Detroit's linebackers than Cameron could face against Buffalo. But since things aren't equal, it definitely leans in favor of Bennett.

M.G.: It is certainly a fair deal, but more importantly it looks like you upgraded your team. You always have to give up something in order to get something, so sending Emmanuel Sanders away was a good concession. But in return, you gained a quality piece to fill your RB2 spot in Denard Robinson and while Jordan Matthews isn't as productive as Sanders, he should still give you good numbers on a weekly basis. Nice work.

M.G.:Jonas Gray's time in the fantasy spotlight has passed for this season. That's the way of #Belitricks. However, Gray could return to get just enough carries to ruin your fantasy day. That also is the way of #Belitricks. It's what makes Latavius Murray a slightly better pick up than LeGarrette Blount. There's no one else in the Raiders backfield that is likely to steal touches. Meanwhile, Blount has to deal with Shane Vereen (and yes, possibly Gray) snagging some of his opportunities.

M.G.: Rostering? Yes. He is still a running back for a high-powered offense. That's always going to be worth a roster spot in fantasy football. Now whether you should start him on a regular basis is a completely different conversation. Richardson has been better in 2014 than he was in 2013, but he hasn't been good enough often enough to make him anything more than a matchup-based play. And that matchup better be pretty darn good. This week's matchup against Washington? Not good at all.

M.G.:Mark Ingram has been a beast this season and an absolute draft bargain for anyone that took a chance on him. But Andre Ellington is playing the awful Atlanta Falcons run defense. Ingram and the Saints offense are the higher-scoring unit, but Andre Ellington is playing the awful Atlanta Falcons run defense. Did I mention that Andre Ellington is playing the awful Atlanta Falcons run defense? Because he is.

M.G.: Both Kenny Stills and Jarvis Landry have seen their targets increase in recent weeks, but I'm going to side with Landry in this one. The biggest difference for me is in the variety of routes that Landry runs for the Dolphins offense. Stills is mostly just a deep threat for the Saints, which makes him a hit or miss option. Miami has an easier time getting the ball into Landry's hands consistently, which means you can expect a little more even-handed production on a weekly basis.

M.G.: It's hard for me to go away from C.J. Anderson because he's played so well in his limited opportunities and because Peyton Manning running backs generally prosper. But this week, I'm giving the nod to Tre Mason. The Rams have found their starting running back (at least for now) and he's not really sharing carries with anybody else. Add that to a sweet matchup against the Raiders defense and I'm rolling with Mason in Week 13.

M.G.:Mohamed Sanu has a great matchup against the Buccaneers this week, but I have a preference for putting running backs into my flex spot whenever possible. The main reason is that it's just easier to get them the football which means more potential touches. Which means more potential fantasy points. Plus after Latavius Murray's big night against the Chiefs in Week 12, the Kansas City run defense isn't as impenetrable as it once looked.

M.G.: As much as I'd like to see my buddy James Koh avoid humiliation in DeAndre Hopkins' #MarchTo1100, I don't like his prospects this week against a tough Tennessee secondary. I like Hopkins' chances even less now that Ryan Fitzpatrick is back under center. Steve Smith looks like he's back to being productive again and he'll face a mediocre Chargers secondary that has to travel east to play an early game in Baltimore. I'll take Triple S for the fantasy win.

Bonus question:

M.G.: I guess if you can't be first, then you might as well be last. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Marcas Grant is a fantasy editor for and a man who is thankful for all of the amazing things that happened this year. Except for Dewitos. He could do without that. Tweet him what you're thankful for or fantasy football questions @MarcasG.

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