Stick a fork in them: 10 teams that are done in 2014

Chris Johnson accurately summed up the current state of the New York Jets without even trying on Thursday.

"I really don't know," Johnson said when asked if he's excited about the season's second half. "If it's going like it's been going, there's nothing to be excited about or look forward to."

Grim words by CJ268, but a sentiment we imagine other teams can relate to as we reach November. It's been a topsy-turvy season in the NFL, with the haves and have-nots particularly defined in the standings. Three teams have two wins. Three more claim but a single victory. One team buried a damn football and still has nothing to show for its clumsy symbolism.

The time has come for us to stick a fork in 10 teams who will not make the playoffs in 2014. We don't take joy in being the messenger here, but we also refuse to turn a blind eye to ineptitude ... or the cold hard truth.

I've listed the doomed in alphabetical order. I don't want it to appear that one team is forked harder than another. These teams are all equally forked. On with it.

Atlanta Falcons (2-6)

Hard Knocks did it to me again. Every year I write aboutthat show and every year I get sucked into the mistaken belief a premium cable residency will spark a gallant playoff journey. It won't happen for the Falcons, who earned the cutlery by blowing a 21-0 lead in London.

Chicago Bears (3-5)

Lamarr Houston blew out his knee Sunday celebrating a sack of a Patriots quarterback not named Tom Brady in a game in which his team was trailing by 25 points. That's your 2014 Chicago Bears, a group with way too much talent -- particularly on offense -- to be this mediocre. The blame deserves to go beyond Jay Cutler (but it won't).

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-7)

An offseason of optimism (remember all those Toby Gerhart fluff pieces?) has given way to the cold reality that the Jaguars remain a long way from respectability. Blake Bortles' decision-making in recent weeks has been troubling.

Minnesota Vikings (3-5)

If the Vikings don't blow that game in Orchard Park a couple weeks ago, they're not on this list. But they did, so they are. Teddy Bridgewater has shown flashes of ability, but teams are blitzing him to "Bolivian," to borrow a Tyson-ism. If only Bridgewater had a ridiculously talented running back to help him shoulder the load. Alas.

New York Jets (1-7)

The Jets haven't tasted victory since Sept. 7. They don't have a quarterback. Their coach spends his nights searching for REXRESUME.DOC on his hard drive. In terms of fan and media popularity, the general manager makes Mike Tannenbaum look like Ferris Bueller. Great, great times.

Oakland Raiders (0-7)

Let's try to be positive here. The Raiders have been competitive in half their games. They also have Derek Carr, who has looked extremely capable in stretches. Now some young talent needs to be built up around him. Can Reggie McKenzie be trusted in that task?

St. Louis Rams (2-5)

Rams fans can't really use the "We're trapped in the wrong division" excuse anymore. The Seahawks and 49ers are mortal (so far, anyway). The Cardinals are 6-1, but aren't anyone's definition of an unstoppable powerhouse. The Rams' final nine games will serve as an evaluation of quarterback Austin Davis, with a massively important draft day decision looming for Les Snead.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-6)

A topic that came up on a recent edition of the Around The NFL Podcast: Is Lovie Smith's job safe? Smith is a respected guy with a proven track record, but what if the Bucs finish 3-13 with a couple more of those soul-destroying blowout losses like we saw against the Falcons and Ravens? It could get late early for Smith and general manager Jason Licht.

Tennessee Titans (2-6)

The most nondescript team in the NFL. Who excites you on this roster? Justin Hunter? Jurrell Casey? Um ... Taylor Lewan? You get the point. Whiz wisely moved on from Jake Locker, but this team remains deep in football purgatory.

Washington Redskins (3-5)

We've been burned by the 'Skins in this exercise before. And Jay Gruden's team looked positively functional in that upset win over the Cowboys in Jerrah World. But here's the issue: Robert Griffin III needs to come back and be the RGIII of 2012. Could that happen? Sure. Will it? The fork says no.

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