Steven Jackson makes plea to save workhorse backs

Steven Jackson is currently looking for a job. He's also speaking out over his disappointment in the evolution of his position.

The free-agent running back published a YouTube video on Monday plugging his new website: In the video, Jackson calls three-down backs an "endangered species" and asks for help saving them.

And how do you do that? By emailing your team and asking them to play your favorite running back more. The website has an online form and everything.

"Thing is, I wanted to be Walter Payton all of the time," Jackson explains as somber piano twinkles behind him. "Not some of the downs, not half of the downs, but all of the downs. That's why I'm speaking out for running backs across the sport."

We figured this was just a one-off "Funny Or Die"-style video starring a guy with some free time. But if you check out the website, it's clear Jackson is all in on turning #STRB into a thing. Good luck to him.

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