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Steve Smith calls out Titans' strength after 'body slam'

Watching -- and listening -- to Steve Smith Sr. has been an absolute treat this year.

And after Sunday's 21-7 win over the Titans, he continued to say the types of things that veterans who have no concern for political correctness like to say.

In the fourth quarter, Smith pummeled a much-heavier Titans linebacker Avery Williamson and drew a holding penalty. So naturally, Smith called out the Titans strength-and-conditioning coach.

"I body-slammed him, so I think that's really a testament to their lack of strength-and-conditioning coach down in Tennessee," Smith said, via The Baltimore Sun. "5-9, 194-pound guy body-slams their linebacker, man, he needs to get his weight up."

Smith has been a breath of fresh air in Baltimore this season and although he rubs some people the wrong way, he has undoubtedly been a savior for Joe Flacco and the Ravens' offense. His antics off the field are, in some ways, helping regenerate a fearless veteran attitude that the Ravens carried to the Super Bowl not too long ago.

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