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Steve Mariucci: Jay Cutler doesn't seem to be a leader

There have been plenty of opinions on the Jay Cutler era in Chicago and why it did not result in more success.

But NFL Media Analyst Steve Mariucci thinks it boils down to one issue: A lack of leadership.

"To me, it's the intangibles type of things," Mariucci, who has coached some of the best passers in recent league history, said on GameDay Morning. "OK, the quarterback is not just the passer, he's your leader, he's the voice of your organization, all eyes and ears are upon you. You have to handle that as a leader of men.

"That's where I shake my head a little bit at times with Jay Cutler as to how he leads because sometimes I think the players kind of shun him and say, you know what, this guy looks like he's not interested all the time and I don't know him very well. But I just feel like he's got enough arm and all those things, but let's stand up and be that leader at press conferences and in the sidelines and in the huddle so your team will follow you."

Leadership is difficult to quantify, especially without spending significant time in the locker room, but if Mariucci's observation is correct, it could go a long way toward providing context for a puzzling season. For example, would an offensive coordinator with plenty to lose go out of his way to knock a quarterback that was acting like Aaron Rodgers on the sideline?

Though Cutler seemed to have plenty of supporters following the Aaron Kromer incident, it might have been the product of a general surge of frustration toward the coaching staff.

If the Titans are indeed interested in Cutler, this will be part of their homework assignment over the next few weeks.

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