Stephon Gilmore: 'Unique' Cam Newton a 'great signing' for Patriots

Stephon Gilmore became one of Bill Belichick's best free-agent signings in recent seasons. Now the Defensive Player of the Year believes Cam Newton could have the same impact on the New England Patriots' offense.

"It was a great signing," Gilmore told The Bakari Sellers Podcast on The Ringer. "I think Cam's very hungry. I've always been a Cam fan. I think he's hard to prepare against, and he has a great opportunity to compete for a starting job, and I'm looking forward to seeing him on our team."

The chip on Newton's shoulder is the size of the Pacific Ocean at this point. After missing most of the past two seasons, if he stays healthy, the former NFL MVP could be a transformative player for an offense that ran behind Tom Brady the past 20 years.

Gilmore believes Newton's dual-threat ability brings a dangerous weapon to New England.

"I think he's his own unique player," he said. "Obviously, he can run the ball. He can throw it. Anytime you can do both of those things, it's hard to get ready for a certain thing, so he always keeps you off guard. He's very hungry this year. I think he's healthy now, so I'm just looking forward to him helping our team out."

A hungry, healthy Newton in collaboration with Gilmore's still stellar defense has the chance to keep the Patriots' streak of AFC East championships alive.

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