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Stephen Tulloch injures ACL after celebrating sack

Sunday's most absurd moment unraveled before a packed house at Ford Field.

Couched inside an otherwise gritty Lions win over the Packers, Detroit linebacker Stephen Tulloch embarked on one of the more embarrassing attempts at celebration in franchise history.

Following a first-quarter sack of Aaron Rodgers, Tulloch hopped to his feet to do his version of the quarterback's "Discount Double Check" act, only to crumble to the ground with an apparent left knee injury. Take a gander:

Tulloch attempted to return on the following series, only to fall to the turf after one play.

"Unfortunately, I got up in celebration and it happened," Tulloch said, per "But I ain't embarrassed by nothing. We all celebrate when we make a play."

UPDATE:Lions coach Jim Caldwell announced that Tulloch will be placed on injured reserve with an ACL injury.

Tulloch had appeared in 131 consecutive games without an injury. We wish the dance-challenged linebacker well.

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