Stephen Jones says Andy Dalton helps him sleep better

The Dallas Cowboys learned something from their division rival: Be prepared for the unexpected.

Remember when Nick Foles led the Eagles to a Super Bowl triumph over New England? The Cowboys were watching, and they now think they are positioned to do the same if needed.

"To have a guy like Andy Dalton come in here -- not unlike what Philly had with Nick Foles when Carson Wentz went down -- to be able to take control and win games, win huge games for you if that's what you need is really important," Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones said, via ESPN. "Certainly you can lay your head on the pillow better at night knowing you have someone like Andy Dalton."

It's not every day we hear an executive speak so glowingly of Andy Dalton, but then again, this is the first time in which Dalton won't be relied on as a starter for a team that wants to contend. Instead, Dalton is the viable backup, giving Dallas an affordable insurance plan in the event Dak Prescott is injured.

Such a backup plan saw Foles replace the injured Carson Wentz and lead the Eagles on a sprint to the franchise's first Lombardi Trophy. Last year, quarterback wasn't the problem in Dallas, where the Cowboys watched a decimated Eagles team squeak out a narrow NFC East division title and play a playoff game with another backup -- veteran Josh McCown -- forced into action.

Jones can fluff his pillow and smile knowing he's got a better option than a journeyman who was called from the high school sidelines back into NFL action. If all goes according to plan, Jones won't even need to think about his backup quarterback. He's just glad he doesn't have to stress if the topic arises.

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