Step Up!: An NFL inspired offseason workout

*Next season may be months away, but many players are already training for next season. Getting ready for training camp is the time of year NFL players typically look to build strength and speed. But there's no reason the players should have all the fun. NFL Up! has put together a workout just for you featuring exercises that players use to push their game to the next level.


Repeat the below circuit three times. Rest for about one minute in between each exercise. Remember to stretch before and after your workout.* *

For tips on stretching, check out these exercises and drills.

1. Dynamic Warm-Up
A solid warm-up is essential to a good workout. Remember to keep your center of gravity low to avoid falling on the treadmill. Younger athletes and beginners should start off slower to ensure proper footwork.
Reps: Complete three rounds, increasing speed with each cycle

2. Kneeling Kettlebell Press
Kettlebells are great for building strength. Increase the power in your shoulders and build core stability with this exercise.
Reps: Eight to 10 with a medium to heavy weight, three sets

3. Lateral Push-up with Agility Ladder
Continue to build shoulder strength with the use of an agility ladder. If this is too easy, use a chain or weighted vest for added difficulty.
Reps: Complete ladder twice, both directions

4. Foot Speed Circuit
Leave the ladder out for this one. This is a combination of two agility ladder drills designed to develop faster footwork. * Reps: Repeat each drill twice*

5. Grenade Lat Pull-down
This is a great exercise to strengthen the lats without doing pull-ups. The grenade grip also builds forearm strength.
Reps: (Three sets) Start with 10 reps, then eight, then six

6. Speed Box Squats
Along with addtitional focus on the shoulders, this exercise also builds the core and lower body. Make sure you can do a proper squat before attempting this one. Stay focused, we're almost at the end.
Reps: Two sets, five to eight reps

7. Standing Band Bicep Curl
Get the heart rate up and finish the workout strong with this exercise. Remember to keep the core strong. Beginners should start out slower.  
Reps: Go twice for 20 seconds

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