Steelers' Tomlin on Mitchell's leap: 'Not professional'

By now, we've established that there are a few people upset with Steelers safety Mike Mitchell trying to hop the Jets' victory formation on Sunday.

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On Tuesday, we were graced with further condemnation from Mitchell's head coach, Mike Tomlin, which may thankfully put this situation to rest.

According to the Post-Gazette, Tomlin said it "was not professional," and went on to explain that Mitchell did not receive permission from him to do so. Tomlin said he nodded to acknowledge a question was asked, but did not give permission.

What's interesting, though, is that there will be a team that crashes the victory formation to some level of success. As our Dan Hanzus pointed out during the second chapter of this epic saga, the innocence surrounding a game-ending kneel down is under fire. How long before a precedent-setting penalty is delivered, or how long before it becomes an expectation for a team to crash the kneel down in a last-ditch effort to win?

Might Mitchell be the test case here?

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