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Steelers, Ravens renew bitter fight for AFC North

Why to watch
This is arguably the best rivalry in the NFL right now. Both teams have a real respect, and hatred, for the other; loads of star power and outspoken personalities involved. These games are as hard-hitting as they come, and incredibly compelling. Two blue-collar teams representing two blue-collar cities. What more could you ask for in Week 1?

Inside story
The Steelers are Joe Flacco's daddy. Yeah, it's like Pedro and the Yankees used to be. They find a way to make that back-breaking play -- often an interception or a forced fumble of the quarterback himself -- that wins it in the end. When Flacco did win in Pittsburgh last season, leading a spirited late comeback, it was during Ben Roethlisberger's suspension. Big Ben owns him right now and Ben might be primed for his best season yet with all that speed at wide receiver. These games determine the division and the division determines home field and that's been the difference between these clubs in recent postseasons.

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