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Steelers' Munchak says NFL rescinded $10K playoff fine

Mike Munchak has saved himself some cash.

The Steelers offensive line coach told the Houston Chronicle on Sunday that the NFL has rescinded the $10,000 fine he received for pulling the hair of then-Bengals safety Reggie Nelson in a January playoff win over Cincinnati.

Munchak previously told ESPN that he appealed the fine and argued that the hair-pulling was inadvertent. The coach explained that he was trying to bear-hug Nelson to lessen the blow of the safety barreling into Pittsburgh's sideline.

Munchak's actions cost the Steelers a 15-yard penalty and prompted Bengals cornerback Adam Jones to call the incident "uncalled for," telling "The Dan Patrick Show" in January: "(Munchak) should have been escorted to the locker room. If a player would have done that ... I'm quite sure he would have been kicked out the game."

Instead, Munchak has convinced the NFL that he doesn't owe a cent to anyone.

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