Steelers LB Ryan Shazier posts workout video

Ryan Shazier is back in the gym.

Less than four months after suffering a career-threatening spinal injury, Shazier posted a video Friday of him doing pull-ups.

"Upper body is getting that work!!" Shazier wrote in his Instagram post. "[Shazier's fiance, Michelle Rodriguez] working out I got to get it to. #shalieve #grind #prayfor50 #journey"

The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker has already been ruled out for next season by Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert, but Shazier is making visible progress and is wholly confident that he will play football again.

"My end goal is to allow the Lord to let me come back and play at the high level that I was before," Shazier said two weeks ago. "Every day I try to get better. I strive for the Hall of Fame and I was doing that through this year, the whole time I was playing. And I still do that while I'm doing rehab. I know it's still a possibility. I have the Lord and he has my back and I constantly feel I'm going to come back and play football."

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